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“Lettuce”, Eyes Burning at the Edge of the Woods: Contemporary West Virginia Fiction and Poetry (Anthology, WVU Press)

“The Sound of Holding Your Breath”, Still: The Journal, Fall 2016

“At the Lake”, Slippery Elm, Summer 2016

“Stalking the White Deer”, Appalachian Heritage, Spring 2015

“Almost Stolen” (reprint), Anthology of Appalachian Writers, Homer Hickam edition, published by Shepherd University, 2015

“My Brothers and Me”, Glimmer Train (Winter, 2013)

“Watching”, ARDOR Literary Magazine (Fall, 2013)

“If Only the Rain Would Come”, r.kv.r.y (Summer 2013, Vol. 3, Sexuality issue)

“Careful Negotiations”, Switchback, Issue 17: Broken (2013)

“Almost Stolen”, Apeiron Review, Issue 3 (May 2013)

“Fractured”, Superstition Review, Issue 10, Winter 2012

“Home Visit”, Still: The Journal, Issue 7, Fall 2011

“In the Grass”, The Aroostook Review, Volume 6, Summer 2011

“Lettuce”, Willow Springs Review 67, January 2011 - Featured story and interview on website spring 2011

“Love, Off to the Side”, Still: The Journal, Issue 4, Fall 2010 - Shortlist, Pushcart Prize for 2010


“Diving”, Kenyon Review Online Winter 2011, Volume IV, Number 1

"Pink Inside"

“Pink Inside”, Divine Dirt Quarterly, August 2010

"Deep Diving"

“Deep Diving,” Motif Volume 2: An Anthology of Writing About Chance, Published by MoteBooks and Edited by Marianne Worthington, 2010

"Ruined Water"

“Ruined Water,” Anthology of Appalachian Writers: The Silas House edition, published by Shepherd University, 2010

"What Would Be Saved"

“What Would Be Saved,” Queen City Review, Fall 2009

"Boy in the House"

“Boy in the House,” Flashquake, Fall 2009

"Girls Who Eat Their Hair"

“Girls Who Eat Their Hair,” Anthology of Appalachian Writers: The Adriana Trigiani edition, published by Shepherd University, Spring 2009


“Handlers,” Kestrel, Issue 21, 2007

"Flaming Jesus"

“Flaming Jesus,” Potomac Review, Fall 2005


“Mud,” Oklahoma Review, Spring 2004 issue

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TBR: The Sound of Holding Your Breath

Leslie Pietrzyk interviews me for her Work-in-Progress blog

City Books' Shelf Life, Episode 14: Natalie Sypolt and Laura Morris Discuss Appalachian Literature

CIty Books' Shelf Life, Episode 13 Featuring Natalie Sypolt

Interview with JD Byrne

"The Burn and The Glow: Writing the Honest Appalachia"

Blog post for the Rural Women's Studies Association

"Remembering the Heart Museum"

“Remembering the Heart Museum”, Bodies of Truth: Personal Narratives on Illness, Disability, and Medicine (Anthology,Forthcoming University of Nebraska Press)


“Remembering the Heart Museum”, Drafthorse, March 2015

“Good Writing isn’t Just for Essays: Crafting Appropriate Email Correspondence with Your College Instructor”

“Good Writing isn’t Just for Essays: Crafting Appropriate Email Correspondence with Your College Instructor”, Admitopia, March 2015

Guest Blog Post, “When Writers Gather, or How to Make a Workshop Work for You”, Superstition Review, October 2013

“The Risk, The Reward of Writing What You Know”, Glimmer Train Bulletin 70

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Non Fiction and Interviews

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